Starting a business in Florida

Are you starting a small business in Florida? Need to Incorporation or become an Limited Liability Company? If you not sure which structure is best for you, we recommend you consult with an Accounting Firm that handles small business taxes and filing. This local contact will be of assistance to you as your new company grows. We can setup an Limited Liability Company in two business days for $210. No additional fees or rush service changes. Want to Incorporation in Florida? We can help you start your Florida Corporation for $160. Save money filing your company with us!

Corporate Records Service – What is this service about?

Did you get this in the mail, not sure what to do?

Did you get this in the mail, not sure what to do?

Many of our clients have contacted us in regards to this letter requesting to complete “Annual Minutes” for your Corporation at a cost of $125. While this service is legitimate there is confusion as to what services are being provided. The use of this service DOES NOT replace the annual report that is required to keep a Florida Corporation active. Annual reports are due each year between January and April. After April there is a $400 late fee that is imposed by the State of Florida for late filings. The State of Florida also has addressed this issue with a statement on the home page of the Division of Corporations Website at Several clients have neglected to file an Annual Report because they were confused and thought the $125 fee for the “Minutes” included that fee – It does not. We want to help you avoid that same problem, if you sent back the $125 fee to have your Corporation Minutes created, Please do not forget to still file your Annual report with the State of Florida.

Do I need to use a lawyer to Incorporate?

No, using a lawyer to set-up your Florida Incorporation or Limited Liability Company is not required. Anyone can file with the Divisions of Corporations. We however do recommend using a filing service, such as ours to file your company. Once your company is filed the information is not correctable, so accuracy is important. If you were to make an error you would need to amend the company though the mail by submitting the proper forms to the Division of Corporations. With our services you can get it right the first time!

Starting a business in Florida?

 We can help! has formed thousands of Florida Corporations and Limited Liability Companies with 100% customer satisfaction. Here is what makes us different from websites offering the same services:

No Hidden Fees

Our prices are as follows: Florida S-Corporation $160 and Florida Limited Liability Company $210 That is our final price, no other charges apply.

Rush Service Included

All orders get free rush service. Average turnaround time is 48 hours.Other sites change $100 or more to speed up your order for delivery.

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