Corporate Records Service – What is this service about?

Did you get this in the mail, not sure what to do?

Did you get this in the mail, not sure what to do?

Many of our clients have contacted us in regards to this letter requesting to complete “Annual Minutes” for your Corporation at a cost of $125. While this service is legitimate there is confusion as to what services are being provided. The use of this service DOES NOT replace the annual report that is required to keep a Florida Corporation active. Annual reports are due each year between January and April. After April there is a $400 late fee that is imposed by the State of Florida for late filings. The State of Florida also has addressed this issue with a statement on the home page of the Division of Corporations Website at Several clients have neglected to file an Annual Report because they were confused and thought the $125 fee for the “Minutes” included that fee – It does not. We want to help you avoid that same problem, if you sent back the $125 fee to have your Corporation Minutes created, Please do not forget to still file your Annual report with the State of Florida.

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