2024 Florida Inc. and LLC Annual Report

Along with a new year, comes making your Annual Report to the Division of Corporations. As your registered agent we will assist you with this process as a part of our annual fee. We have also mailed you a form which you may return to us or complete the Annual Report form online below and skip mailing the form back.

What is an Annual Report?
The State of Florida requires that all Corporations and LLC’s file an annual report. This report updates the Corporations records with the State. Address, officer and director changes can be made at this time.

When is the report due?
January 1st. After May 1st there is a 400.00 late fee.

How much does it cost?
The annual cost is 200.00 for Corporations and 188.75 for Limited Liability Companies. This charge includes the 2024 Registered Agent Fee and all Florida State filing fees.

How Can I file the 2022 Annual Report?

Return the form we mailed you or complete the link below online before 03/01/2024.

If your company is a Florida LLC Click here :

Florida LLC 2024 Annual Report

If your Company is a Florida Inc.

Click Below for INC. 2023 Annual Report