Amend an existing Company

 Need to add or remove an Officer?

                  Need to add or remove a Manager / Member?

We can help. We process changes for existing Corporations / LLC’s. The process takes 14 days from the time you submit a change. Changes have to be completed through the mail. We will mail you the completed documents for review and you mail direct to the State of Florida once approved. We are notified when the change is complete and reissue new Stock certificates if needed and revise your Minutes. All changes are charged a flat fee of $120.00. (Which includes filing fees and postage.) Click below for our secure online order form.

One thought on “Amend an existing Company
  1. Thanks for helping my company add a corporate officer, your services were quick and accurate. If you need to add or remove someone from your Corporation these guys are great and affordable!! ~ John Sm

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